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Signs Your Roof Has Sun Damage

Signs Your Roof Has Sun Damage

Your roof is in the path of direct sunlight all day long and it becomes even more intense with the heat here in Texas. Roofing materials are made to withstand several different elements. However, over time, you still may see damage from the sun. Here are some common signs that your roof has suffered from sun damage.

Leaks - Yes, sun damage can increase the chance of a leak.Anytime you experience a leak, you should call your roofing professional immediately. The problem should be repaired before more damage can be caused throughout your home.

Warped Shingles - The sun is a very harsh element that can take a toll on a shingle. When you are walking around your neighborhood, if you see bubbling or curling n the ends, the sun could be causing these warps.

Crumbling - Low quality shingles will go first but even with high quality shingles, after several years, the sun can cause particles to decay. You might see signs on this if you find shingles particles in your yard near your roof line.

How to combat these types of sun damage:

Regular Roof Inspections- these are FREE and can inform you as to the current state and wear and tear on your roof

Ongoing Maintenance- sometimes a small repair can keep your roof in great condition

Replace your Roof- when your roof tilesno longer offer protection, replace your roof for a fresh start and long lasting quality

Sun damage is a serious issue for homeowners in Texas. Request your free inspection today to learn more about the current condition of your roof.

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August 5, 2019
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