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5 Common Roof Repairs

Not All Roofs Need to be Replaced

When your roofing contractor inspects you roof, they may find that instead of replacement, some minor repairs will resolve the problem. Here are five comment roof repairs that may be needed.

1. Gutters

When heavy rains arrive in your area, your gutters will protect your roof and foundation from water damage. Leaves and debris can clog up a gutter system and cause it to bend or sag.

2. Fascia

The fascia is the portion of the roof that protects the lower edges. The front board along your roof line is easily damaged by moisture that can cause rot and mold.

3. Flashing

The flashing acts as a sealer in between the joints in the roof. When there are loose nails or holes, the material around pipes, vents or other protrusions is a prime spot for damage or water leaks.

4. Shingles

Along with providing your roof with exceptional style, shingles are also designed to protect your roof from water damage, UV exposure, and high winds. Discolored or curling shingles can be a sign that repairs will be needed soon.

5 Soffit

Small animals and insects are attracted to the wood beneath the roof overhang, so pay close attention for cracks, holes and rotting.

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June 4, 2019
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