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3 Smart Devices to Simplify Cooking

Smart Kitchen Gadgets

As smart phones continue to develop andAlexa grows in voice technology, kitchens are also getting an upgrade. Have you ever run out of eggs, gone to the grocery store, couldn't remember if you had eggs, and returned to an empty fridge with none? Are you interested in support with cooking and becoming more efficient with time spent in the kitchen? Here are three gadgets to simplify cooking that can change your experience dramatically.

1. Drop Scale - Never search your cupboards for the right measuring cup again! At its very basic use, the drop scale lets you put ingredients on its heat resistant surface and has an app that will show you the weight of each item on your phone ortablet. However, that is just the beginning. This interactive platform allows you to search thousands of recipes. Have too much of a certain item that you need to use? Great, it will help you design a dish to use it up! No more throwing away those cucumbers because you didn't use them in time. Have someone in the family with an allergy or prefer substitutions, type it in and it will customize your recipes for you. This simple and fun tool will make cooking a breeze!

2. Fridge Cam- What we love about Fridge Cam is that you can turn any refrigerator into a smart device. You don't need to buy an entirely new fridge. Grocery ordering is going to continue growing in a big way. With the addition of curbside pick up and delivery from grocery stores, it has become clear that these conveniences save a huge amount of time. This small device takes it to the next level. You have the ability to view the contents of your fridge anytime with this mounted camera. You never had to write down or try to remember which items you have or need when making your list. The other features included are best beforetracker, learn and remember, shopping list, integration, and multi-cam. Whether you enjoy walking through a grocery store or prefer to have everything delivered, this device will save you time in the process.

3. Meater Smart Thermometer - Perfect for any outdoor cooker! We chose this one for the social aspect and finding an end to thefrustrating aspectsof grilling. This device is so simple and so useful. It is a thermometer that you can stick in the meat you are cooking. The end. It connects to your phone so you can track the internal temperature of your food. Why should you care? You can walk away from your grill! You can stop checking the steak every minute to see if it is done. You can enjoy your barbeque and hang out with friends and set the app to let you know when it reaches the desired temperature. It takes the guess out of ensuring your meat is ready for everyone and makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

What smart devices do you think are most helpful when cooking?

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July 8, 2019
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